Reporting live. The ambitions.

Why hello there stranger!

First of all, I would like to thank you, for wasting you precious time on reading my irreverent blog, that is dedicated to fulfill my need to do something on my spare time, my passion – making idiotic investments. :3

I bet you are wondering who the hell am I. So I will introduce myself – I am a stereotypical 22 years old eastern European college student, studying finance (actually, it’s my last year, I should be writing my final paper, but instead I am writing this nonsense, lol), living in Lithuania, that believes, that you can make a lot of money just sitting in front of a computer screen.

All of this started at around 2013. I was browsing the web, and an ad caught my eye – it was some Forex brokerage firm. Long story short, I started digging, got interested, tried, made some mullah with a demo account and got hooked on it HARD. Then the high school finals came and I had to focus on that, therefore, forgot the forex, forgot the investments and my plans to become a millionaire by 21.

Year 2014, December. Remembered my old drug, opened a ‘cent’ type account in forex, started trading. There were peeks and walleyes, but in the end, I was that typical client, that made broker’s their money via commission while staying at around the same balance level. BUT THEN….. Then came the fall of Russian ruble, and some how, I got very lucky and entered that wave at the right time. My God, the end of the week I grew my account 15 times. The addiction got real.

Of course, easy money can’t be controlled that easily. Majority of it was withdrawn, some of it was lost in the market. But in the end – i knew, that this is my passion, this is the real “dream job” that i want to pursue.

Few years later, year 2017. I am about to graduate my collage, get a Finance degree and yet – I have no clue how to make my dream come true, to provide for myself, to work for myself. After the internship at a financial institution, I realized, that I really don’t want to work for someone else, to be a slave, that worries about their problems while making them millions. I want a piece of that cake and I want it ASAP.

So, I guess, this is where this blog comes in hand – it should motivate me to write, to monitor my money, monitor my investments, monitor everything. I hope you will enjoy my journey. I hope that I will provide with some interesting content. And i hope that together we will be happy 🙂



Ill find a cliff then push myself off the edge <…>
Thats how I settle it, life or death if I ain’t relevant

-K-Dot, 2009.


  1. Project2035

    Nice to see fellow investor starting a blog and thinking BIG from early year 🙂 Good luck with the world conquest 😉 Will be following what your up to.

    1. Penguin (Post author)

      Oh my… the man himself!
      Thanks, mate 🙂 will try my best. Probably will fail, yet learn something from it… 🙂

      1. Project2035

        Can’t imagine how can you fail doing the right thing – spending less then you earn and investing the difference 😉

        1. Penguin (Post author)

          Investing the difference into something that crashes a day after, lol.
          And the goal is to have a portfolio, where Forex account takes around 1/3 of it. So it might cause some turbulence if something big goes down.. 🙂


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