Sorting Through My Dirty Laun…. Portfolio. 2017 Q2

Good morning kids, thanks for the warm welcome
You too, Mr Nelson, you look well for a thousand

Well, this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over due. I know, don’t judge me, please. I’m too lazy 🙁

So as you might guess, I manage my personal investment portfolio (hence the word investments in the sloppyinvestments, hehe). Well it might look pretty small and silly to most of you, but hey, it’s better to start young and grow it all out, right? My investment career started with trading Forex, but after a long evaluation, I understood the importance of risk allocation and diversification, even though it was not a lot.

When I bought some shares to diversify my investment portfolio, it looked like this:

As you can see, the majority of it still consisted of Forex, but it also had 3 types of shares of it. I called it a success. And it did not disappoint me, to be fair. Even though it all started with about 300 €, it gave some returns!

Fast forward to the end of 2016 – portfolio grew pretty rapidly! According to a simple ROI calculation, that ratio was 41.86%. Pretty good for a beginner, right? While 2 shares were in the red about -0.5 to -0.73 percent, Forex account gave a return of astonishing 73.94% of the investment.

At the end of the year, portfolio allocations looked like this:

While my portfolio remained profitable, the portion of Forex, because of its growth, got bigger. And even though the risk of loosing money in Forex is higher, the returns are well worth it!

2017 started a bit bigger. To manage my Forex trading risks properly, I invested more money into it. After starting the year with 650 € in my Forex account, shares took only 19.80% of the whole investment portfolio. And by the Q2 of this year, when I sold 2/3 of my shares, the portfolio allocations looked like this

As time went by, Forex portion was growing steadily, so when the need of some extra cash for expenses came, I decided to get rid of some assets. Getting rid of Forex capital would be pretty dumb, if you ask me, so instead of withdrawing money from my no. 1 money maker, I decided to sell KNF1L and VBL1L shares. All the income and profits overall are provided in a table below.

Asset Buy price Dividends gained Sell price Profit/loss inc. dividends ROI
KNF1L 66.82 3.24 78.75 15.17 22.70%
VBL1L 39.19 0.69 39 0.5 1.28%


Well, even though the returns weren’t that great money wise, on paper they looked pretty nice.

So there’s that. I suffer from mild ADD, so it took waaaaaaaay to much energy and effor to write this short post. More on my current situation – pretty soon. Maybe.. Probably. I hope. Cyaaaz.

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