I mean, it would be quite dumb to talk about money and reveal your identity, wouldn’t it? (even thought more tech-savy users would find out my identity in about 30 secs. at least that’s how long it took me :))

So at least for now – I will remain anonymous 🙂 Although i will reveal some facts about myself:

  • 22 years old, male;
  • Living in Kaunas, Lithuania – with my parents (at least for now);
  • Will maybe probably (wish me some luck, lol) get a degree in Finance (a collage degree, not uni 🙁 It was cheaper though, and even though i wouldn’t recommend that, it might have been more useful) this summer, if everything goes to plan – will maybe probably be trying to apply and get a master’s degree in that too (next year). 🙂
  • Have a bad habit of risking way to much money than the reward is. (need to discipline myself on that);
“Why Penguin though?” you may ask.

I mean why not? But to be fair, it all came along quite unexpectedly. I had a simple design that involved a stock chart trend line indicator thingie (god, sometimes i forget simplest words) going trough the ground. But it looked pretty boring alone like that. So I sat with my Photoshop client open for a few minutes and realized that i need some sort of a fictional character, that would represent my blog – my brand. And long story short – that was a penguin. And to incorporate it into the logo – it went on a fishing trip. HOW COOL IS THAT?!


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